“Many artists know that the creation of art is
really about learning to see. With sculpture, I
have also found a new way to touch and feel
and emote. By combining the modality of figurative
sculpture with the power of emotion, kinetics and
energy, my work strives to find the source and
meaning of sensuality and passion. My goal is to
capture emotions and experiences common to
us all... things like love, beauty, the hunger of
desire, the weight of regret, and our eventual
redemption. I’m definitely not a conceptual artist,
giving you something abstract to contemplate.
Instead, my work is the celebration of emotional
reality, and I hope you find it honest, compelling
and accessible.”

Nina Markman is a graduate with Highest
Distinction from CCAC, and has had the
fortunate experience of having studied under
some of the most prominent figurative artists
of our time, including Viola Frey, Tebbe George,
Martine Vaugel and Manuel Neri. Her studio
is in the San Francisco Bay area.