The Ferrari Club of the Pacific Region has recently commissioned Nina to create a bust of Mr. Pininfarina to acknowledge and celebrate a lifetime of breathtaking automotive design.
Mr. Pininfarina has never had a bust created of himself.

The sculpture will be presented at the 2005 Concours in Pebble Beach. Needless to say, this is the most exciting commission Nina has ever received. Of this commission, Nina writes:

It's my deepest honor to have had the opportunity to create a bronze bust of Mr. Sergio Pininfarina. The project has been so meaningful to me, words can't express just how much.

After hours of looking at his photos & pouring over a book that documented the history of Pininfarina Industries, I simply fell in love with Mr. Pininfarina, his family legacy, his mastery of design, his noble charm. The challenge of bringing out the essence of a man that so many love & admire was not an easy task, lest you think it was a piece of cake!

I want to thank the Ferrari Club of America and the project's supporters sincerely for their wonderful and heartfelt contributions toward making this happen. I hope you will enjoy the outcome.

Nina was also commissioned to create the bust of Mr. Ed Gilbertson, who was Chief Judge of the Ferrari Club for 25 years. This sculpture was presented at the 2004 Ferrari Club of America's Awards Banquet.